Sanicat Color4you Fresh

Finally, silica gel pearls that clump.

For those who like silica gel and clumping litter, Color4you Fresh is very absorbent, highly clumping, lightweight, long-lasting and fresh-scented. It also adds a touch of colour to your cat’s litter box and is approved by even the pickiest of pet owners and cats.

Thanks to the silica gel, clumping power, pleasant fresh scent and effective control of unwanted odours, the litter stays clean much longer. As it comes in the form of silica pearls, it is lightweight, dust free and soft on your cat’s paws, good even for kittens.

Extremely low-maintenance, it is also the favourite litter amongst pet owners who do not have much time to take care of their pet’s litter box. By regularly removing clumps, the litter stays clean for much longer.

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