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Persian, the fluffy


Persian cats come from Iran and Turkey, possibly from the Turkish Angora breed. Despite being very popular, Persian cats are still considered exotic – the epitome of glamour and luxury.

As house cats, they love spending hours lying down without moving a paw, tending to be quite passive; you will rarely see them climbing or jumping. They get along very well with children and other animals. They do not like it when you force them to learn things; you must win them over through persuasion, affectionate rewards and patience.

Persian cats are homey, indoorsy and usually quiet, with a very soft meow that is pleasant to the ear. With their delicate whispers and expressive look, they tend to communicate very well with their owners. 


Underneath their plush-toy appearance lies a strong cat with abundant musculature and large bones in relation to their size. Their hallmark is the long, thick and silky coat. Their flat nose gives them a funny and very cute appearance but also often causes respiratory problems. Similarly, their beautiful and expressive eyes – quite large in proportion to the size of their head – are prone to excessive tearing and certain diseases.

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