Sanicat Lightweight Clumping

100% natural ultra-clumping cat litter with odor removal technology.

Made from ultra clumping Bentonite and natural absorbent minerals, Sanicat Lightweight Clumping litter stays fresh and clean for longer.

Due to its Oxygen Power technology, it is a unique cat litter that prevents bad smells. Sanicat Lightweight Clumping is 30% lighter than natural clay, hence easier to handle and carry. 

Sanicat Lightweight Clumping is also dust free and thus does not cause allergic reactions or dusty footprints after using the litter box.

Each ounce of Sanicat Lightweight Clumping Litter absorbs more than its own weight in moisture. 14lbs of provides the same number of uses as 21 lbs of regular clumping clays.