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Siamese, the affectionate


Originating from the Ancient Kingdom of Siam (modern-day Thailand), these cats are stars thanks to their mysterious beauty and extremely sociable personality. Siamese cats need constant attention, company and affection. If they spend many hours alone, they end up feeling resentful and sad.

They are active cats who love exercise and playing without any time limits. Their empathy shows in their expressive nature. Siamese cats meow a lot to communicate with people around them.


Their anatomy is typically Far Eastern – strong yet stylish, with long limbs and sharp features, as well as deep blue and oblique eyes, adding to their mysterious aura and aristocratic charisma. In fact, they were royal pets in their native region and also in Europe later on. While their personality requires constant attention and affection, their physiology is quite the opposite. They are resilient cats that can live more than 20 years when given veterinary attention and good care.

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