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Devon Rex, the pixie

Devon Rex cats tend to be curious, very mischievous, active and affectionate. Devons are also known to become greatly dependent on their owners. They dislike being alone and appreciate the company of humans and other cats to play and receive affection.

Devons are typically sociable and playful. While they can adapt to any environment, they often prefer the indoors which is why they are ideal for apartments.

Devon Rex’s most distinctive feature is their curly or wavy short hair. Their coat is also very soft and ranges in colour, but the most common is white, tortoiseshell, smoky white and black. 

Their head is small and triangular, with oval-shaped and brightly-coloured eyes, as well as large and pointy ears. Their body is medium-sized and slender with defined yet lean muscles. They also have thin legs, the back legs being slightly longer than the front, as well as a long and thin tail.

Devons are commonly called “Pixies” because of their twinkling eyes, elf-like ears and mischievous personality. 

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