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Kitty hygiene (II): Care for the eyes, teeth and nails

While cats may be extremely vain, devoting several hours a day to grooming, pampering and licking themselves, we recommend complementing your cat’s daily cleaning ritual with a few specific treatments.

Washing their eyes

It’s very common for cats’ tear ducts to get blocked with dust or discharge. The best way to clean their eyes is by using wet wipes on a weekly basis.

Plaque-resistant teeth

You can take advantage of their weekly eye-care session to also clean their teeth and prevent the buildup of plaque. Clean their teeth once a week and have them get a mouth-cleaning once a year. We also recommend using an oral hygiene supplement to keep their teeth clean and healthy longer.

Nails under control

It’s also a good idea to cut their nails from time to time. Hold your cat firmly on your lap, put pressure on the pad of their paw until their nails are exposed and cut them carefully – only white-coloured tips.

Do this with a great deal of care, or else you’ll get a big scratch!

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